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Lip Contouring

No makeup look is truly complete without lipstick, is it? Lipstick really adds the cherry on top for a full glam look. You can even transform a simple everyday look into one that looks polished and finished by simply adding some lipstick. There is one thing though, that cream in a tube simply cannot do – and that is to alter the shape of your lips (without it looking overdrawn and awkward) or help them to appear fuller to your existing lips. If you’re tired of having to reapply or get a good lipstick application for every day, lip contouring is a treatment worth considering. This service can not only enhance your mouth’s overall pout but also adds a more vibrant colour into the lips. Lip contouring can help correct the shape of your lips and make them look more symmetrical and balanced. The procedure may also include adding definition to your lip’s edges so you will have a fresher and more youthful look. This treatment is focused on using pigments to create lips that are aesthetically pleasing and that work well with each person’s natural characteristics.

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